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The union of foundation partners wills, the portuguese partners, professionals related to the foundry sector, and the spanish partners, related to core production and core shop equipment, Maluesp was founded in 16 of September of 2002 with the goal of giving a reply to the general needs of Portuguese foundries.
The launch was made on a client facilities, through a commodation contract, but in the end of year of 2003, Maluesp moves to new facilities with enough quality and dimension to lodge the business for a long period of time and allows the expansion of the company.
In the year of 2004 the company has relaunched, Maluesp starts to be recognized for the service excellency provided to the castings, and becomes partner of the general castings on the North of Rio Mondego.
From this point on, Maluesp has presented solid annual increases, result of an open and careful management, always evaluating the new markets, with absolute respect for its partners, customers or suppliers.
The bet in exportation, was the logical step to give when it was necessary to open for new markets. And, again, with all the precaution we bet on customers who, for geographic reasons, were not exposed our competitors.

The year of 2006 was also the year the of ISO 9000-2000 certification project launch, that will be concluded during this year.